Ladue Nail and Spa

Addr1: 7737 Clayton Rd
          Saint Louis, MO 63117
Tel1:  (314) 862-7722
          Map & Directions
Located 15 minutes from airport and 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis

Addr: 8853 Ladue Road
(Schnucks Ladue Crossing)
          St. Louis, MO 63124
Tel:  (314) 727-1119
          Map & Directions
Located 10 minutes from airport and 12 minutes from downtown St. Louis

Addr: 1548 S. Lindbergh Boulevard
(The Village of Schneithorsts)
          St. Louis, MO 63131
Tel:  (314) 997-3808
          Map & Directions
Located 15 minutes from airport and 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis

Addr: 8472 Eager Road
          Brentwood, MO 63144
Tel:  (314) 963-4413
          Map & Directions
Located 15 minutes from airport and 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis
All major credit card accepted: visa icon

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Welcome to Ladue Nail and Spa!

If the ticket price for a manicure and pedicure doesn’t lure you into Ladue Nails and Spa, maybe the huge plasma TVs will – or the speedy service. There are enough staff and treatment chairs to accommodate a whole host of patrons at once – perfect for wedding parties, sorority dos or girls’ night out!

We would like to invite you to experience our full nails and skin care services at Ladue Nail & Spa. We have elevated nails and skin care to an art and science and we are dedicated to creating a luxuriously indulgent experience to for all who enter.

You can enjoy an ultimate relaxation at our Luxury and Elegant foot spa with electronic rolling and vibration system, rejuvenate tired muscles, the stress of the day, refreshed, looking refined, and feeling great. You can choose your favorite nail design from our beautiful designs or work with our experienced staff to create your own enchanting little work of art.

Our licensed skin care specialists offer a variety of services for a wide range of skin type. European and deep facial treatment rid the skin of tired, over exposed cells, revealing the new skin beneath and promoting a natural healthy glow. Waxing can help you minimize unwanted hair and remain smooth-skinned or choose a shoulder massage to help ease the stress of your active lifestyle.

We guarantee that your visit at Ladue Nails and Spa will be the most pleasurable moment. As always, we are looking forward to serving you again and again…

Nail Salon Saint Louis, MO – Nail salon 63117 MO – Ladue Nail and Spa

(Great for a Gift Idea!)
European Facial and Massage
Spa Manicure & Pedicure with Paraffin Treatment

(please call for a reservation)
We can accommodate groups for special occasions such as Birthday, Wedding, or Anniversary Parties. Let us organize a relaxing spa day for your special group.

Nail salon Saint Louis

waxingCenter line nailmassage

Bussiness Hours: 

Mon – Sat 8:30A.M. to 8:30P.M.     Sun 9:30A.M. to 6:30P.M.